“Acts of Gods” and How Your Insurance Policies Cover Them

When most people hear the term “act of God,” they don’t necessarily think of how it relates to what’s covered in their home and auto insurance policies. 
However, this is a term that is commonly used in insurance. As a policy holder, it may be helpful for you to understand what it means, and how it applies to the coverage you carry so you are certain to have all the coverage you need.

So, what exactly is considered an “act of God,” and how does your insurance address these types of events if they happen? 
An “act of God” refers to an unpredictable and unpreventable event that is out of anyone’s control. Extreme weather is one such example. Windstorms, lightning strikes, hailstorms, wildfires, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, and earthquakes are all considered “acts of God,” but not all these events are covered in standard home and auto insurance policies. 

Fortunately, additional coverage can be purchased to address these types of risks. For example, floods are not an “act of God” that are covered under a standard homeowner’s policy, but you can purchase a flood policy to ensure that you will be covered if a flood occurs. Earthquakes are also excluded, so if you live in an area prone to this type of natural disaster, a separate policy is available to cover damage that could result should an earthquake occur.
Likewise, your vehicle can be covered for “acts of God” if you have comprehensive coverage on your auto policy. Comprehensive coverage addresses all damage not caused by collisions, including natural disasters. For example, if a deer runs out in front of your car as you’re driving and inflicts damage on your vehicle, comprehensive coverage will pay for the repairs or total loss. 

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