Considering an Insurance Carrier You Might Not Know


As an independent insurance agency, we’re fortunate to work with a multitude of insurance carriers that have a financial rating of A or higher, who’s programs we proudly offer to our potential and existing clients.

Some of these carriers you have certainly heard of through their TV, radio, and social media ads. Some you may not have heard of because they do not advertise often or at all. Many of the insurance carriers we work with are national carriers, while others are regional or NY-based.

Whether you’re insuring a business, home or automobiles, everyone wants to work with a company that is well-known, established, and has a solid track-record when it comes to paying out claims and providing customer service.

So, we understand it when we receive some skepticism in response to a quote that we present from an insurance company that someone is unfamiliar with. After all, we’re consumers too and aim to provide our clients with the same quality and security we expect of the brands we chose for ourselves and our families.

With that in mind, we want to take the opportunity to discuss why it’s worth getting to know an insurance carrier you might not be familiar with.

Familiar brands don’t necessarily mean better coverage or savings.

Its not uncommon for consumers to think that a company that advertises is more desirable. Advertising is designed to make you feel comfortable with a company, so you can expect it to do everything its advertising promotes. But familiarity doesn’t always mean better coverage or greater savings when it comes to insurance. Sometimes, working with a “lesser-known” insurance carrier can suit your needs and budget better than a selecting a policy underwritten by a carrier whose mascot makes you chuckle or ad jingle you can sing from memory. So, if a quote comes your way from an insurance carrier you’ve never heard of, don’t discount it! Feel free to ask about what that carrier offers or do a little independent research. Such as…

Check out their financial rating.

In addition to coverage and price being an important determining factor for most insureds when considering a policy, claim service is a big consideration as well.

An insurance carrier’s financial rating is an excellent indication of what their claim service and payout will be like should you find yourself in the position of filing a claim. Financial ratings can be found through the BBB (Better Business Bureau) as well as through various other online sites. A quick Google search should tell you all you need to know about an insurance carrier’s financial rating as well as other aspects of their organization.

Crowdsource to learn more.

Educating our clients about the carriers we work with and what they have to offer is something we love doing. But we understand there’s nothing like some independent research to put most people’s minds at ease about whether or not they’ve found insurance carrier they want to pursue a policy with.

Looking up an insurance carrier’s online reviews is one way to assess if they are a good fit for your needs, but bear in mind that many people only write reviews when they have a complaint to share.

Crowdsourcing the opinions of those who currently use a particular carrier is always a way to get instant and accurate feedback. So go ahead and put up that Facebook post inquiring with your friends and neighbors about their experience with a particular insurance carrier! The people in your life will undoubtedly be happy to share their experience with you.


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