Protect Your Dwelling With the Right Policy

We can provide you with renters or home insurance in Goshen, Chester & Middletown, NY

Owning a home comes with many responsibilities, including having home insurance. While coverages vary from policy to policy, J. Hoffman Insurance can help you find a policy that provides the coverage you need most.

Our professional can discuss your home insurance needs with you. Then, we can offer you structural coverage, personal belonging coverage, temporary living expense coverage and more. We can even get you flood insurance to protect against one of the most common headaches homeowners face.

Speak with an insurance agent in Goshen, NY today to find the coverages you want for your home.

We also sell renters insurance

We also sell renters insurance

Landlords and renters alike should have insurance. Landlord insurance can protect owners against damage to the building, equipment breakdown and loss of rental income. Renters insurance can protect renters from loss of personal belonging and cover temporary living costs.

Whether you need landlord or renters insurance, contact an agent to learn about the many coverages available. We also proudly serve residents in the Middletown & Chester, NY areas.